Unit 6: Strategy Unit 4 – Relationships (notifications test)

Wistia – currently on Free plan.

Allows additional users, I’ve sent you an invite to your email. OR
This account is tied to my wira@insider-trends.com Google account;
Login: wira@insider-trends.com
Password: Mmaannggooee2020

Their lowest tier subscription plans are their PRO plan going for $79/month. It includes:
– Own branding on player
– 200 GB included bandwidth (for streaming & downloading)
– 10 free videos or podcast episodes to embed anywhere
– Additional video/audio files for 25ยข per month

Ease of integration with LearnDash & security features;

Adding/embedding the video into LD is like adding a YouTube video link. This also corresponds with LearnDash’s video progression. We can force a student to completely watch the video before progressing to the next unit.

Basic Video Privacy Tools

  • Videos are private, we can’t share the URL anywhere on the unit page.
  • Link sharing of the video URL is like google drive, we can set permission on how those links behave. Either “view only” or collaborate. All performed through Wistia’s dashboard.